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Grow Maxx professional organic gardening center in Iron Mountain, Michigan
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Free Classifieds Grow Maxx Professional Gardening Supply Store in Iron Mountain, Michigan
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Grow Maxx professional organic gardening center in Iron Mountain, Michigan     Bookmark and Share

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Grow Maxx - (906) 828-2211
1220 S Stephenson ave, Iron Mountain MI

If there is one thing that the Upper Peninsula needs, it's a longer growing season for farmers and gardeners.

Sure, the folks who do it for a living do it just fine and know the tricks of the trade, but not everyone who wants to grow their own vegetable garden knows how to best make it grow--short of  silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row (frankly, this never works for us). That's where a company like Grow Maxx, located in Iron Mountain, comes in.

Grow Maxx is a locally-owned professional gardening center that stocks organic nutrients and supplies to help the garden all year round.

"With Grow Maxx, you can garden all year round, as we have everything for indoor gardening, too," says owner Dave Fraser. "From HID lighting, to money-saving LED lights, top of the line organic soils and nutrients to all of your gardening accessories, Grow Maxx has everything you need."

Fraser started Grow Maxx in Sheboygan, Wis. As a secondary business while owning and operating Advanced Machine Tech. After seven years, he decided to make the move, full-time, into the gardening world and opened the first Grow Maxx store in Sheboygan in May 2010. That year, he came to Iron Mountain on a visit and fell in love, deciding to move to the area and open a second Grow Maxx.

"A lot of big box stores sell gardening supplies, but know nothing about what they sell," says Fraser. "Just throwing Miracle Grow on a plant and hoping for results is not the answer. We, however, are professionals who take pride in our vast knowledge of plants. Let us help you pick the right nutrient for your particular plant and show you its true, healthful potential."

Grow Maxx offers free classes and group seminars in addition to their other services. They even do soil and water testing to help determine how to best make your land work for your garden.

Grow Maxx professional organic gardening center in Iron Mountain, Michigan

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