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Collectors Plates For Sale - Full Sets of Retired Collectors Plates - Sold by an individual antique collector, not an antique dealer!
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Collectors Plates For Sale - Full Sets of Retired Collectors Plates - Sold by an individual antique collector, not an antique dealer!     Bookmark and Share

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  Like to haggle give me a call 619-442-5658 or email jenric@cox.net with your telephone number I will call you back pronto. 

     Cash, Layaway, Credit Cards, USA Money Orders,USA Cashiers Checks and Three Payment Plan.  
Use the PayPal "Buy it Now" buttons in each individual ad to make a purchase, or contact me to pay by cash, check, or money order.  

Shop Now

My name is Richard Jones and I am an individual collector of Mint Condition Antique Collectors Plate Sets and other memorabilia.

I have a beautiful selection of Retired Collectors Plates, Rare Collectors Plates, Discontinued Collectors Plates, Collector Plates Numbered Series, Original Production Collectors Plates with Certificates, and other memorabilia.  I am not an antique dealer.  I have accumulated these Collectors Plates over the course of a lifetime and would like to sell them as complete sets.

 Cash, Layaway, Credit Cards, USA Money Orders, USa Cashshiers Check and Three Payment Plan  

I have been lovingly and meticulously collecting many different kinds of Collectors Plates for over 35 years.

I have more than 60 complete sets of plates that I am putting on the market, to sell in sets only.

All of the Collectors Plates I offer are priced at or near issue cost, in the original boxes, with certificate of authenticity if issued by the producer.

Some boxes with water marks, but in good condition. Plates were never displayed,and they are in mint condition.

 New lower prices are now in effect. I have been collecting these my entire life, but it's time for me to disburse my collection. I am not getting any younger, and I know that your family will enjoy them as much as we did.

If you see something you would like to purchase, Don't forget to push the PayPal "Buy Now" Button in each ad in order to make a purchase.

Layaway: For just $10.00 a week until you are paid in full, plus shipping and handling, you can become proud owner to some of my historical Collectors Plates. Start your own collection and pass them down to your children!

All the plates are exciting to look at and make interesting conversation pieces. A must have to start or add to your collection.

Payment Terms

Purchase by using PayPal, USA MONEY ORDERS, & USA CASHIER CHECKS. You do not need to be a member of Pay Pal in order to use your Credit Cards to make a one time purchase there.

By Pay Pal one payment to include cost of merchandise plus Freight and Handling charges.

Three-payment plan.

First payment 1/3 of cost of merchandises, and is not refundable. No shipment of material. Payments 2&3 are 1/3 of cost of merchandise, plus 1/2 of Freight and Handling charges per payment. Merchandise shipped after third payment has been received and cleared.

Money orders and cashier checks must clear before merchandise is shipped.

If you need different terms, have questions please call me at 619-442-5658 or contact seller,use privacy Mail/In box on this site (there are contact buttons in each ad).

Looking Forward To Serving You.

Collectors Plates For Sale - Full Sets of Retired Collectors Plates - Sold by an individual antique collector, not an antique dealer!

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